Martha Gelarden
Found Lost
Sketchbook Project, 2013Genetic ChainGhostsClosedDirty Little Secret$Dirty Little Secret$ (detail)Baby Scoop: Nurture v. NatureBaby Scoop: Nurture v. Nature
(detail)EclipsedEclipsed mapAdoption Record (Blank $late)Big Knot TurntableBig Knot Turntable  DetailBig Knot Turntable   Detail
Drawing Marks are tracks and trails, traces and layers of personal experience. For me, it is the process itself that permits me to examine the layers and to explore questions that may or may not be realized as part of the built environment.

It is my idea generator, an arena for intuitive thinking and my own non-linear logic. Narratives are assembled without concern for anything but that moment of connection. Simultaneous timelines are a bit like strategies in chess, imagined long before enacted.

Diagrammatic systems and code frequently have conversations with my personal history. Since 2009, my practice has explored issues of identity, loss and grief through the lens of adoption.

Drawing facilitates problem identification, which ultimately leads to the formation of questions and the generative sequence continues.